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  • Top 10 threats to nature in the city
    02 December 2015
    Drones, scattering cremation ashes and digital mimicry of the natural world are among the top 10 reasons cities of the future may increasingly become nature-free zones, scientists say.
  • Domestic help needed by older people
    10 November 2015
    Most people in advanced age have someone to provide extra help with daily activities, especially domestic help with housework, washing, shopping and managing money.
  • Smartphones deliver nutrition labelling study
    05 November 2015
    An exciting five-week study on nutrition labelling using smartphones is underway at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland.
  • Aucklander to co-lead global obesity commission
    02 November 2015
    Auckland public health expert, Professor Boyd Swinburn will jointly lead a new international commission on obesity, launched today by prestigious medical journal, The Lancet.