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  • More evidence electronic cigarettes help smokers quit
    18 December 2014
    An international research review has concluded that there is more evidence smokers using electronic cigarettes can stop or reduce their smoking.
  • New Zealand leads research on natural quit smoking remedy
    18 December 2014
    New Zealand researchers have found that a low cost, plant-based product marketed for smoking cessation in parts of Europe for the last 40 years, is better than nicotine replacement therapy at helping smokers quit.
  • Equine Research Hall of Fame
    11 December 2014
    Professor Elwyn Firth from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science has been inducted into the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Foundation’s Equine Research Hall of Fame.
  • Older people moderate with alcohol
    10 December 2014
    Most people in advanced age don’t drink alcohol or only drink alcohol moderately, according to recent research from the University of Auckland.