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  • Life and death in New Zealand
    24 October 2014
    Non-Māori New Zealanders held the record for the highest life expectancy in the world from 1870 to 1940. No other country has ever held the record for that long.
  • Give us our daily bread: backyard bird-feeders spend millions
    22 October 2014
    The first-ever study of New Zealanders’ bird-feeding habits has found more than 5 million loaves of bread per year are fed to birds with an estimated $12.3 million spent annually on bird food.
  • Auckland’s primary healthcare industry prepares for Ebola
    21 October 2014
    Primary healthcare workers from around the greater Auckland region will attend a seminar on how to prepare for the threat of Ebola, at the University of Auckland next week.
  • Volunteers needed for nutrition study
    20 October 2014
    An exciting new study on nutrition labelling is underway at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland, and volunteers are needed to take part.
  • New data may help nutrition monitoring
    26 September 2014
    A new combination of household food purchases and nutrition data is being used to assess population exposure to sodium, saturated fat, and sugar in New Zealand.