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  • Dads can help boost child immunisations
    11 February 2016
    Aiming pro-immunisation campaigns at fathers-to-be could be a promising new approach to get more New Zealand children immunised on time, according to new research by the Growing Up in New Zealand study.
  • Better nutrition policies needed for children
    04 February 2016
    Most early childhood education services strive to encourage healthy eating among children, but need stronger and more detailed nutrition policies to support change in everyday staff and parent behaviours.
  • Brain health Expo in Tāmaki this year
    03 February 2016
    A dynamic brain health expo – Brain Day Auckland 2016 - showcasing the latest in brain research and wellbeing will be held at the University of Auckland’s Tāmaki Innovation Campus next month.
  • Obesity debate threatens sugary drinks industry
    20 January 2016
    Soft drink companies see the obesity debate as the biggest threat to their products, according to leading nutrition commentator Professor Marion Nestle.