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  • Freedom of choice puts babies at risk
    13 March 2019
    Opinion: We have a measles outbreak. People who’ve chosen not to vaccinate could put babies at risk – they must act responsibly and stay home, writes Theo Brandt.
  • Hello darkness my old friend
    11 March 2019
    Light outshines darkness in the PR department, we feel safe and our day is long. But night time and darkness are key to good health, Ellery McNaughton explains.
  • Rats just kept on coming
    11 March 2019
    Rats have thrived since being introduced into New Zealand but a new study shows they not only spread rapidly, new arrivals kept jumping ship.
  • How many nails does it take to secure the MMR/Autism coffin?
    07 March 2019
    Twenty-one years ago the most significant piece of medical piffle was published in a prestigious journal under fraudulent pretences.