Tāmaki Innovation Campus

Twin Hulls

by Robert Jahnke

Sculpture named Twin Hulls, by artist Robert Jahnke.
Galvanised mild steel.

Robert Jahnke (Te Whanau A Rakairoa, Ngati Porou) was originally trained in design and film, but in recent times has emerged as one of New Zealand’s leading sculptors. He predominantly uses the assemblage of elements in comparison to carving or modelling, and uses a diverse range of resources, including found objects as well as Māori and English text. Jahnke trained at Elam where he graduated with an MFA in 1978, as well as graduating with a MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. He is currently the coordinator of Māori visual arts in the School of Māori Studies at Massey University in Palmerston North.

The two takere (hull forms) of ‘Twin Hulls’ make the most of the commemorative significance of the canoe hull in Māori culture that demarcates places of significance.

The two takere reference Manukau to the West and the Waitemata to the east. The hull forms can also be interpreted as yacht sails, aligning this sculpture with the branding of Tamaki-ma-kau-rau as the City of Sails and the maritime preoccupation of the Tamaki isthmus.