Tāmaki Innovation Campus


Atrium 2

We asked around the campus for reflections backward and forward: what is your main highlight or achievement this year, and what gets you out of bed in the morning and racing into work. Here’s a snapshot of what we gleaned - more next time!

Joan Leung, Postdoctoral research fellow, School of Psychology, Faculty of Science

1. After graduating with my doctorate in September 2017, it was great to have had the opportunity to be involved in continuing, creating, and starting many new and exciting projects in an array of different topics this year. I have grown my professional network considerably and now cross over multiple disciplines. I have also had the chance to participate in grant review committees, conferences, teaching, and new research interest groups - all of which have been steep but rewarding learning curves.

2. To be honest, work. I love what I do - engaging with researchers, communities, clinicians, and teaching staff from varying backgrounds and academic interests. Good things come in small packages, and Tāmaki is special in that the relatively small number of occupants makes people feel more part of the family, instead of a blip in the institution. We also have large windows, trees, and free parking - something I continue to emphasise to my colleagues in the City. On a particularly good day, there's also cake in the tea room.


Mandy Heathcote, Project Administrator, Growing Up in New Zealand

1. Last year I felt part of a much wider community of support staff across the campus. This was gratifying and useful. Amongst these staff, we know we always have someone to draw upon for support and wisdom, and always someone there for advice. The terrific thing about the support staff is that we help sharpen one another too! Our collective knowledge is vast. 

2. It’s easy to get out of bed in the morning when the work you do is shaping a national taonga. Growing Up in New Zealand is the most challenging and rewarding study, moved forward by an inspiring and determined team. It reaches into the heart and heartland of New Zealand too – so every day we learn something more about who we are as a country. We’re painting an identity by researching it. How fantastic is that?