Tāmaki Innovation Campus


Intercampus Bus Service

The University of Auckland provides a bus service between Tāmaki Innovation Campus and the City Campus for students enrolled in courses at Tāmaki. To use the service, you must have your ID card validated with a bus pass sticker. See more information below.

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The student bus stop has been relocated and the pick up and drop off location is the bus stop adjacent to Lecture Theatre 732.

Tamaki Campus Student Staff bus stops


Bus pass stickers


Monday, 18 March 2019

Student Bus Pass Stickers will be issued to Tāmaki students from Monday, 18 March, and can be collected from Building 730, Level 2 Atrium from 8:30am to 4pm.


Wednesday, 27 March 2019

From Wednesday, 27 March you will be required to present your ID card with valid bus pass sticker at the commencement of each bus trip.

The student bus service is provided for students enrolled in courses or undertaking postgraduate study at the Tāmaki Innovation Campus. The service enables these students to travel between the City and Tāmaki campuses to attend classes and to use other University services.

Students may use the service only during those semesters in which they are enrolled for courses at the Tāmaki Innovation Campus.

Bus Travel Pass

Eligible students will have their use of the service validated by the application of a uniquely numbered sticker to their ID card. Students will receive their sticker by presenting their current ID card to Campus Information. Prior to the issue of the sticker all students attending lectures at Tāmaki will be allowed to utilise the service in good faith but will still need to present their ID cards to the driver during this period. Once stickers have been issued only students presenting validated ID cards will be permitted to travel.

Notices will be posted in the buses, during the first two weeks of service, advising students of the process and timetable for the collection of bus travel stickers.

Student ID Cards

Students must carry their ID cards at all times. The bus sticker, which is numbered, will be recorded against the student's ID at the time of issue. If an ID card is lost then another may be ordered, at replacement cost, from the Student Information Centre, The ClockTower, City Campus.


Tāmaki bus service during examinations

During the examination period, a limited bus service is available for students sitting exams at Tāmaki Innovation Campus.

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Public Transport

The Tāmaki Campus is a 10 minute walk from the Glen Innes Train Station, and the ride is 13 minutes from Britomart, Downtown Auckland. A bus from Britomart via Remuera (625) passes by the campus along Merton Road, and a bus from Howick (553 express) passes along Morrin Road.

For train and bus timetables phone +64 9 366 6400 or 0800 10 30 80 or visit www.maxx.co.nz